... $31.99
White Pampas Grass Branches and Natural Dried Flower Bouquet
... $14.99
Well Hey There Palm - Have you ever loved an object so much you talk to it? An Anthro throw? New bag? Beloved car? Get ready to find a new favorite friend. These white palms energetically wave hello to you and yours, every time you lay eyes on them. Imagine how much more enjoyable conversations on family politics, or your overall success in adulthood would be with these guys cheering you on. Instead of checking out, pop some of these in your dining room, in a centerpiece, or on the diaper changing table and lift your eyes on your new cheer squad. Material: RattanQuantity: 1 pcs
... $39.99
Dried Palm Leaves - 2pieces- Natural dried palm leaves. Add texture, height, and variety in vases, on the wall, or as placemats. A few orders of these hung mixed and matched over your couch for an accent piece, or down the middle of a table as a runner, their shape and color are forever a win. Lengths are approximate. Palms are natural, and come frayed, or whole, and not completely uniform. Length: About 8-9x15.5in (20~23x40cm)
... $13.99
Artificial Flower Palm — Create a subtle yet energetic vibe with a few palm flowers in your space. In vases, centerpieces, or hanging on a wall, the colors, alone or combined, are both youthful and grown up. Material: PlasticSize: about 22in (55cm)
... $17.99
Material: RattanSize: 19.7in (50cm)Flower size: Length about 19.7-21.3in (50-54cm)
... from $16.99
Height: 19.7-21.7in (50-55cm)Plume Length: 7.9-13.8in (20-35cm)Package Contains: 8pcs/10pcs/20pcs/25pcs/50pcs
... $10.99
Pampas Grass Bouquet- These artificial Pampas branches are a standout choice. Scale and texture make them a focal point, bringing a warm feel to your space. Use them in vases, baskets, laying across a table runner, or gather them in a bunch and hang them as wall decor. Buying a few of these makes a solid foundation for a Boho vibe anywhere in your home or party. Material: Silk Size: 47in (120cm)
... from $4.99
Gypsophila Artificial Flowers- Two stems of these in any simple vase will take your table to another level. Pair black with a beige vase, white with wood, or yellow with clear, vases and you've made the easiest accent piece known to man. Or woman. Type: Plum BlossomMaterial: SilkDiameter: 20in (51cm)