... $3.99
Heart Shaped Bamboo Fan-Fan Rib- Woven bamboo fan.  Material: Bamboo
... from $29.99
Organic Rounds Dining Set- Perfectly imperfect beige dish set.
... $12.99
Wood Accent Toilet Paper Holder- It's the small details that bring a fun, well thought out space. The moon (no pun intended) and the stars are perfect for a kiddo bathroom, while the circle could easily be used as a general Boho touch.
... from $11.99
Tabletop Terrarium Glass Vase- These vases are look so delicate, so unique, they are mighty one by one. Rarely can you find so many unique items that are even moer powerful in numbers.
... from $177.00
Rattan Storage Basket- Scale, texture, color, focal point, repetition, rhythm, variety. So well designed they can write the book on design. Blankets, plants, legos, dinosaurs, or all of the above, one basket or all of them, it's safe to say, these are simply awesome. Material: Rattan
... from $79.99
Dream Natural Duvet & Comforter Set- Beautiful white and khaki bedding to brighten your space, and take your dreams to all the beautiful places it would ever want to go.   Material: 100% Polyester
... from $17.99
Nordic Tapestry Murals- Hang one of these behind your bed, over your couch, or in the baby room for some fun and interest. Cleaning Type: Machine Washable Material: 100% Polyester
... from $10.99
Magnetic Poster Frame - There are not enough words to convey how wonderful this product is for those who desire every photo, kid art, report card, poster, menu, decor and even signs to be displayed constantly and on rotation. 
... from $13.99
Macrame Rainbow Hanging Ornaments- Cute for door and drawer knobs, gift tags, party favors and more.Height: 11-30cmModel Number: Rainbow Hanging Ornament
... $14.99
Well Hey There Palm - Have you ever loved an object so much you talk to it? An Anthro throw? New bag? Beloved car? Get ready to find a new favorite friend. These white palms energetically wave hello to you and yours, every time you lay eyes on them. Imagine how much more enjoyable conversations on family politics, or your overall success in adulthood would be with these guys cheering you on. Instead of checking out, pop some of these in your dining room, in a centerpiece, or on the diaper changing table and lift your eyes on your new cheer squad. Material: RattanQuantity: 1 pcs
... $126.99
Beaded Wall Lamp — Wood-beaded wall lamp Bulbs Included:  NoDimmable: NoVoltage: 220VLight Source: LED BulbsMaterial: WoodInstallation Type: Wall Mounted
... $17.99
Material: RattanSize: 19.7in (50cm)Flower size: Length about 19.7-21.3in (50-54cm)
... from $61.99
Round Strip Wall Decor - The most successful Boho designs incorporate geometry and organic materials, and this one does it brilliantly. Lined up, layered over one another, or even as a base for a centerpiece, these guys are an easy Boho win.
... from $2.99
Cotton Braid Coaster- Want to know how to give an extra umph to little items around the house? Put them on top of one of these guys. Or, pretend your vintage Goodwill coffee table came from an auction just so your guests use these under their cups. They'll be annoyed, but imagine how cute your cups will look.
... from $78.99
Perfectly Imperfect Flower Vases - Boho is a free, organic, make it work, love what you love, perfectly imperfect lifestyle. Embrace the imperfection. Let the oddities craft your home.