... from $243.99
Sombrero Pendant- Scale. It's all about scale. This light fixture will catch your eye in a home with 14' ceilings, or a home with 10' ceilings. 
... from $266.99
Hand-Painted Abstract Painting- Support Base: CanvasMedium: AcrylicTechniques: Hand PaintedFrame: NoMaterial: Canvas
... $46.99
Cozy Back Cushion - Put these cushions in the game room for games on the coffee table, on a chair for added comfort. Sit in this on the floor while the baby has tummy time. Take it out for picnics and concerts. Let this cushion save your booty and your back for longer, more comfortable, living.  
... $714.99
Modern Wrought Iron Sofa Chair- Let this chair make you look good in all areas of life. Zoom meeting? Lookin' professional. Boyfriend's parents' coming over? Lookin' sophisticated. Just want to be comfy, curl up in a chunky throw and have your place looking sharp, always? This chair is for you. Size: 19.7x23.6x31.5in (50x60x80cm)
... $77.99
Neat Lines Cotton Rug- These washable cotton rugs are a wonderful combination of interest and simplicity. Repetition and rhythm of thin lines lead our eyes to the center are a sigh of relief. This rug is sure to bring a pop of pattern to your space without overwhelming anything or anyone. Size: 23.6x35.4in (600x900mm)
... from $20.99
Bamboo Storage Basket — These baskets are amazing for towels, laundry, and blankets, among many others. They are also an easy décor element! A plant,or florals hanging out and you've turned a dull corner to something interesting and warming. Plant Fiber Type: RattanType: Storage BasketsSizes:  Small: 7.9x8.7in (20x22cm)Medium: 10.7x12.2in (27x31cm)Large: 12.2x13.8in (31x35cm)
... $429.99
Adjustable Chair — The perfect chair for feeding, cuddling, baby naps, and play time. The chair folds out flat and its legs come off for a floor cushion feel. Our guess is the dog will love it too. See dimensions in images.